Spok Fusion ADM
Unieke code: Spok Fusion ADM

Spok Fusion Alarm Dispatch Module

Available in a 19” rack-mount design, the Spok Fusion Alarm Dispatch Module (ADM) provides 16 alarm inputs capable of taking low-level data (opto-coupled or closed-contact) from various sources, including building management systems, security and fire alarms. Connecting multiple ADMs via RS485 lets you expand the total number of low-level number inputs being fed into your system.

The ADM can operate in a standalone mode; however, it is also fully backward compatible with the Spok Fusion Event Management Module (EMM) and Spok Messenger. In standalone mode, the ADM can connect directly to other modules in the Spok Fusion series, such as the INTELPage and INTELPage IP POCSAG paging transmitters. This allows low-level alarm notifications to be sent automatically to recipients' paging devices via a serially or IP-connected paging transmitter.

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