Unieke code: MaxPAGE PRO

MAXPage, advanced, alpha-numeric paging system that uses the POCSAG protocol

MAXPage is an advanced, competitively priced, alpha-numeric paging system that uses the POCSAG protocol. It features a high impact ABS plastic molded enclosure to ensure long-term durability. Its modern looking design also looks great on any desk. MAXPage is a complete, ready to use package, which is easy to install and operate. One of MAXPage’s primary advantages is that it incorporates a powerful 5 Watt transmitter, meaning it can provide coverage for small to medium sized sites. 
Keypad and LCD Interface 
The keypad and LCD provide an interface that allows you to type and send messages, maintain a pager database, program MAXPage and perform system tests such as a site survey. The LCD is large, making it easy to read. Both the keypad and LCD are LED backlit to make it easy to see and use in dark areas. The MAXPage PS2 keyboard can be connected into the rear of the unit so that alphanumeric characters can be typed in. 
Easy Messaging 
Messages are sent to on-site pagers by entering the Local ID number of the pager, typing in the message and pressing the key to send the message. For tone only pagers, simply type in the Pager ID, and press the key. A number of function keys are available which enable the user to send canned messages to commonly used recipients 
with just the push of a button. 
On-Site Paging 
MAXPage uses an internal 5 watt transmitter to send instant messages free of charge. Which makes it the ideal system for any company wanting to contact mobile staff, without amassing a huge, ongoing communications bill. There are no monthly access fees or per-call charges with MAXPage. The transmitter within MAXPage will provide coverage for a small – medium premises, such as a hotel or hospital. Businesses that benefit from MAXPage include hotels, motels, schools, churches, retail outlets, health care facilities, manufacturing plants and mine sites. 
User Programmable 
MAXPage can store in its EEPROM up to 1000 user programmable pager entries using a local ID of 0 – 9999. Each entry holds the Local ID number of the pager, the format of the paging message (Coaster Pager /Alpha/Numeric/Tone only/Voice Pager) and the cap code of the pager. 
Alarm Monitoring 
MAXPage has four dry contact alarm inputs on board. These alarm inputs can be triggered by opening or closing a circuit (such as by opening or closing a door). Each alarm input may be configured to send a specific message to a selected pager or group. Alarm messages are broadcast the instant an alarm becomes active or after a programmable delay time. An alarm may also escalate to another recipient if alarm conditions are not cleared within an acceptable amount of time. 
TAP/COMP/SCOPE/ESPA/Visiplex/TEKK Interface 
MAXPage has a built in RS232 serial port that is used for programming of the unit or as an optional TAP/COMP/SCOPE/ESPA interface that can process paging messages from other systems. Paging messages received by MAXPage are automatically forwarded to the appropriate on-site pager. TAP, the most commonly used protocol for communicating paging messages, is sometimes known as PET or IXO. ESPA 4.4.4 is common with European manufacturers. 
Telephony Interface 
An optional Telephone interface is built into MAXPage allows you to send messages from any phone on your Telephone network, or any phone on a PSTN that can access your system. You dial the extension on your PBX or phone number allotted to the MAXPage, then follow the voice prompts to send numeric and even alphanumeric text messages to any device registered on the MAXPage database. Calls made from PBX phones are free, so it is convenient and economical to use the Telephone interface. 

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