Swissphone Res.Q S
Unieke code: Swissphone Res.Q S

The RES.Q S offers additional localisation capabilities using an integrated GPS receiver. This makes it possible to locate personnel and determine how far they are from the place of action.

Swissphone’s RES.Q combines paging, GPS and GSM in an all-in-one solution that offers many opportunities for optimizing integrated alerting systems.

Alerting/Fire services/Rescue services
Improved and innovative solutions are in high demand. With ever changing requirements providers must continue to find efficient and flexible ways to meet the needs of the public safety industry. The RES.Q is Swissphones most innovative alerting terminal. Alerts are sent using the time-tested and reliable POCSAG technology. Additionally it is possible to send feedback from the RES.Q using the integrated GSM module. There are two different forms of feedback (technical feedback and tactical feedback). The GSM channel can be used to send user availability or to monitor the device status.

  • Paging, GSM and GPS in a compact case
  • 32 addresses (RICs) with 4 sub addresses each
  • Options: Hybralert, Express-Alarm®, IDEA™, On-Air-Programming


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