Swissphone RE629 stored voice VHF
Unieke code: Swissphone RE629 voice VHF

RE629 stored voice VHF Analog Receiver for Emergency Professionals


Designed for Emergency Professionals, the RE629 can be programmed with nationwide UHF UTAC and UCALL channels and up to 45 additional channels may be programmed by the user.

Together with the flexible scan feature and the class leading configurability the RE629 is ideal for day to day use.

Thanks to its user profiles, the RE629 can be adapted at any time to fit changing assignments.

The time stamp and alert timer provide additional support for scheduling a response. the RE629 is the ideal 2 - and 5 - Tone pager for use in all alerting and emergency dispatching networks.

The legendary Swiss quality, throughout construction highlight the functionality and durability of Europe's most popular pager.

Whether you are an Emergency Professional or Volunteer Firefighter Swissphone analog pagers are unquestionably your best choice.

Swissphone pagers are made in Switzerland for a persuasive combination of quality and functionality.

State-of-the-art technology, excellent reception and its handy format make the RE629 the best in its class.

The Swissphone compact casing is exceptionally robust thanks to its two interlocking convex halves and further protection is provided by all-round rubber cushioning.




• 32 addresses with 50 user profiles

• Frequency synthesizing via PLL reduces set-up times for deployment

• Four minutes voice memory, dividable, can be set as fixed or dynamic (stored voice)

• IP54 certified (splash proof)

• Multi channel, allows pager to utilize several different receiving frequencies

• Scan capability on all channels

• Never run out of batteries, if a rechargeable battery runs dead in the field, firemen have very few options with most pagers. Swissphone uses a standard AA battery that can be purchased at any gas station.

• 2 Year Warranty Standard



Compatible with all existing analog paging networks Yes
Memory for voice storage 4 minutes, can be divided, dynamic and fixed
Radio protocol  2-tone or 5(5/6) tone
Channel spacing 12.5 kHz/20/25 kHz
Modulation FM / PM
Frequency processing PLL (frequency within +/- 0.5 MHz adjustable)
Number of channels 1 (to 50)
Sensitivity call < 3,5 uV/m
Compliance / Norms EN 300-296-1/ EN 300-341-1
IEC 60529:1991+A1:2000 (IP54)
IEC 60068-2-27 (shock)
IEC 600068-2-32 (drop test)
IEC 60069-2-6 (vibration)
Number of addresses (RIC) 32
User profiles 50 + 1 extension
Basic functions loud alert
discret alert (mini beep)
silent alert

Additional functions Battery status display indicator

Out of range alarm
Message retrival
Group afrows
Switchable profiles
(Display varies depending on programming)
Active operation mode shown constantly loud mini beep, silient and monitor
Backlight yes
Audible alert yes
Alert tone yes (programmable 3 tone sequence)
Volume adjustment for speech 4 levels, adjustable
Loudness at 30 cm distance Alert signal: > 83 dB(A)
Speech: > 80 dB(A)
Call reminder yes (programmable)
Alarm timer yes
Interpretation during alert tone signalisation yes
Priority call at the charger yes
Alert LED yes
Vibrator yes, in intervalls programmable
Clock and alarm yes
Power management  
Standard battery type, AA size rechargeable accu1.2V or dry cell 1.5V
Battery level yes 4 levels
Battery life:
- dry cell (2000 mAh)
- NiMH rechargeable accu (2200 mAh)
- NiCd rechargeable accu (800 mAh) 165 hours
180 hours
65 hours
Battery level control indicator acoustic, optical
Electronic protection to avoid dry cell charging yes


Programmable one-button use yes
Field strength yes

Water resistant Yes, IP 54 / IP 56 with leather case
Temperature range -4F to 131F
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 78 x 53 x 24
in inch 3.1 x 2.1 x 0.95
Weight 112 g (3.95 oz.) including battery


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